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Bride Reborn – the Sequel to One Thousand Brides

Multiple Sclerosis has weakened Snow Jarrett to the point where she must live in a nursing home. The Terilian aliens kidnap her to be a Bride and cure her MS, but Snow must exercise to strengthen her muscles. She is greatly attracted to handsome, caring Ryus of the Silver Pelt, who provides both physical and sexual therapy. Can Snow gain enough strength to participate in the Spring Running, the ritual where males choose their Brides, or will she be exiled?

One Thousand Brides CoverThe Terilians are on their way to colonize a new planet when a virus strikes their spaceship, killing their females. Desperately needing wives, they kidnap one thousand human women to be their Brides. Earth woman Janis Stone soon finds herself intrigued by Delos, the Terilian doctor who serves as liaison to the human Brides. Despite his pointed, furry ears and the pelt down his back, Delos' muscular physique and wonderful scent draw Jan like catnip attracting a feline. The two embark on a sensual journey, exploring their species' sexual compatibility while falling in love. But will a higher-ranked male claim Janis as his Bride?

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In Private Lessons, Professor Robert Woodcock writes a sex manual full of Victorian misunderstandings and inaccuracies. Lonely widow Vanessa invites him to tea. Before long she finds herself tutoring the professor in the fine art of pleasuring a woman.

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When police officer Cressida Trellen stops traffic offender Jonas Hitcheson, he talks her into a date which ends in Cressy's bed. But Cressy's ancestor, wronged by her lover, laid a Voodoo curse on her descendants — if a woman of her family falls in love with a man, the man will die. Cressy desperately needs money to repair her historic home. Psychic dreams reveal to Jonas that the ancestor's emeralds are hidden in the house. Can Cressy and Jonas find the emeralds and save Cressy's home before the ancient curse takes hold?

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Ash disguises herself as a young man in order to become Wizard Kardos' apprentice. But when she falls in love with her handsome master, she's torn. How can she seduce him and yet continue to conceal her gender?

The Halloween masquerade ball gives Ash the chance to flirt with Kardos in disguise. Kardos hints at exotic preferences. If she will submit herself to him completely, he promises to teach her pleasure she never dreamed possible.

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